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• 23-year-old SUNY New Paltz grad with a BFA in Graphic Design from '21.
• Gravitated toward typography and animation
• Interested also in physical therapy, and healthcare  
• Current ALDI store associate eager to pursue passions and seek involvement
• Resides in Rochester, NY ( also open to working remotely)

Thanks for visiting! Hope to hear from you. Visit my contact page to reach out! 

Why design? 

I felt I was always creative or at least strived to be. When I was little, I would follow how-to-draw books until my drawing of Aladdin looked just like the Disney original. I was always excited for projects over readings and essays in school and would create stellar PowerPoint presentations.

Growing up, I also tried to be different from my older sister who hated when I copied anything she did. I am drawn to originality and try to implement this in my work today. 

In high school, I was lucky enough to have classes like Media Arts, Digital Imaging, and Advanced Computer Graphics and Design which initially sparked my interest in the field. 

Although it was a struggle for me to commit to design – pressuring myself to follow math or science like my friends, my parents have always encouraged us, kids, to pursue a career we are passionate about. I have no regrets and am excited about future endeavors.

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