COVID App Prototype 

Fall 2020

Phone screen mockup



The app is meant to be informative by staying up-to-date with COVID regulations and cases. The app is intended to help people stay safe during the pandemic. Hypothetically, data of every COVID case in the nearest hospitals would be collected. Positive cases would report which public places they have been in the past week so that people know which places to avoid (and which need sanitization). CancelCOVID records these places. The app also has the ability to take temperature, detect germs commonly found around the house, and create groups of limited people to gather safely by ensuring they have had a recent negative COVID test. If enabled, the app reminds users to bring a mask with them when they leave their house. 


 Research - Related/Existing Apps



Body Temperature App

Allows you to log temp using a different device, but not straight from the app
(own thermometer)



COVID Alert NY app

Keeps track of cases in the county, is informative and lets you know when you're within 6 ft of someone for 10 min, a contact list is created and matched infected codes with contact code signals alert. Only possible for people to know if they have the app.




Wireframes and Initial Design

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