Runivation Website Prototype – Thesis

Spring 2021

Desktop mockup front view

Runivation is a motivational and educational tool for runners, for both beginners and seasoned runners. It is meant to encourage running and ultimately change people’s mindset to see running as more fun and recreational than intimidating. This site features quotes from members of a local running club that were asked what motivates them among other questions. A selection of these quotes was used for motivational posters available for users to save, share, download, print, or order. The Help page considers other factors such as the weather, fear of injury, and helps runners who are seeking advice or need more motivation to continue. Part of the research for this project was gathered from participants who were willing to run for 2 weeks and record their thoughts and feelings. Their responses are included on the website to help users stay motivated and highlight the struggles and benefits of running.

Social media infographic flyer
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